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My name is Tadej Kurepa, I live and work in Belgrade, Serbia (Balkans, Europe). I graduated in political science / journalism, and I’m currently employed in ICT sector.

Politically, I’m an anarchist and advocate establishing a new society which should be classless and stateless, based on individual and collective freedom, equality, solidarity and mutual aid, lacking all forms of oppression, exploitation, hierarchy and rule of man over man.

My professional interests are broad and include communication, journalism, publishing, production, urbanism, cultural theory and the theory of ideology, etc. My other interests include the history of social movements, turbo-folk music, cycling, chaos theory

I did not have to worry about fashion during the autumn / winter of 2010 because I spent six months in the Belgrade District Prison having been accused of international terrorism. After eight years of trials I was finally acquitted of all charges in the winter of 2017.

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  1. i agree with every view you have on world culture Goverment and economics…there has to be a better system. Democracy just gives the illusion of freedom…..there is nothing “free” here in America. our rights are being taken away little by little everyday….hell, you can’t even exercise your freedom of speech here anymore without getting arrested.

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