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This website is currently run by the Political Films Collective, an international group of political cinema enthusiasts established in 2019.

Website politfilm.com was founded in 2012 by Tadej Kurepa, journalist, political scientist, anarchist and former political prisoner from Belgrade, Serbia (Balkans, Europe).

You can contact us via email politfilm@riseup.com

If you feel that PolitFilm is a worthy project, deserving attention and support, we’d like to invite you to support us by spreading the word or donating via Patreon.


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  1. i agree with every view you have on world culture Goverment and economics…there has to be a better system. Democracy just gives the illusion of freedom…..there is nothing “free” here in America. our rights are being taken away little by little everyday….hell, you can’t even exercise your freedom of speech here anymore without getting arrested.

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