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You have come across this blog and think it’s useful / helpful / good / informative … – Don’t keep this knowledge just to yourself, tell your friends, colleagues, people you are in contact with and people following your work, because sharing is caring ;)

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There are lots of ways you can spread the word about PolitFilm.com – simply like / share / tweet / pin / … any film review that you like, or take a few minutes and say or write something about this blog on your website / blog / newsletter / magazine, or share info on a mailing list / group discussion / forum… If you have a website or a blog you can recommend Political Films by adding a link to your blogroll or placing a banner (contact me about the banner, or anything else). If you have access to some kind of mass media or a frequently visited web site, it would be great if you could spread some info about Political Films…

I would love to see this blog grow and thrive, and for that I need your help.
I appreciate every effort and every contribution counts.
Do not forget that united we stand, divided we fall.

Thanks (a lot)!

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