If you decide to donate and support my work in this way, I want you to know that the money will be used for improvement of the web site and promotion of the project, but also for better translations and more frequent publication of film reviews, and I hope some day translation of the site into other languages and further expansion of the project.

This kind of support really means a lot to me, not only financially but also as a recognition for my previous efforts, and encouragement for me to continue my work.

If you wish to regularly (on average once a month) receive newsletter in English about my work and activities, please write me at – and of course, you can contact me with any additional questions, information, suggestions…

I greet you in hope that you will in the future decide to, in this or some other way, support project that aims to spread the knowledge and information about political films and film as a means of political communication and a possible tool for social change.

My best,
Tadej Kurepa, author of the website

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