It Happened Here

It Happened Here (1965)
Directors: Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo
Actors: Pauline Murray
Runtime: 93 min

An alternative history in which the Nazis succeeded in landing and occupying England. The film does not focus on the German occupation forces but rather on English collaborators and the mechanisms which people use to rationalize their acceptance of fascism. In this sense, the film is very well made. Not only is it convincing and realistic but it also manages to portray the different aspects of fascism exceptionally well. It is also interesting to note that the film’s authors were underage when they began making the film in 1956: Kevin Brownlow was 18 and Andrew Mollo was 16 years of age. Work on this film lasted a very long time and hundreds of volunteers participated in its making.

You can download this film or watch it online.

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