Erasing David


Erasing David (2009)
Directors: David Bond, Melinda McDougall
Runtime: 76 min

British director David Bond decides to disappear, to “go underground”, and hires top private investigators to find him within 30 days. On the first day of the pursuit he leaves the country and takes the opportunity to do interviews with various experts on surveillance and privacy. Meanwhile, the detectives, who at the beginning only had his name and photograph, by the end of the pursuit, collected a lot of publicly available information about him and his family. When, after 30 days, he goes into their office and sees what they know about him, he is shocked. This chilling documentary raises awareness about the degree of control and the accumulation of personal information in the hands of the government and corporations, and warns of the dangers of abuse of this information.

You can download this film or watch it online.

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